Tales of the Adventurers

Session... let's say 12: The Lions Den

  • In the previous session, the adventurers had met up with the urchin Katya and had learned of where Adar Al Kashem is staying, in a house in the woods belonging to Marlon Dandridge.
  • Katya showed the adventurers to the entrance of a secret tunnel into the house, which they snuck through.
  • In the basement of the house, they found Marlon Dandridge, partially flayed, his wife dead next to him and his child smashed against the wall. After defeating a jackal in the basement, the adventurers began their ascent into the house proper.
  • The adventurers snuck into the house and immediately encountered Adar Al Kashem, a winged man devil (WMD)  and a woman named Zoza (that Dandridge had warned them about).
  • Before the encounter, al Kashem, Zoza and WMD were overheard talking about their plans for Arabelle, the failings of Leila and their search for Kuruk.
  • After a lengthy encounter involving several were-jackals, the adventurers defeated al Kashem and Zoza.
  • Unfortunately, WMD and two were-jackals managed to escape.
  • Arix and Felix then took Dandridge to Warm Hearth to get medical attention and to alert Bulgar of what had occured at Dandridges house. Bulgar informed the group he was aware that the girl they had been travelling with is the princess of Elbar, though Felix manages to lie to him, stating she is actually his neice.
  • As the adventurers are about to depart for the east, to attempt to take down Garibald and his bandits, to try to save Hilda (Felix's friend), they are stopped by a dwarf.
  • The dwarf (Mordo) informs them that he knows where Kuruk is heading and can show them where to go.
  • They follow the dwarf to an abandoned mine that Kuruk had aided the dwarf in clearing of kobolds, when they reach a pit they begin hearing the voices of several people including Hilda and the dwarfs son.
  • Katya jumps into the pit to take down a gibbering horror, alongside Mordo. Upon its defeat it is revealed that the horror has absorbed the people thought to be kidnapped by the bandits, including Hilda.
  • The Adventurers then parted ways with the dwarf, and rode to find Kuruks long cabin.



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